About Us


Although RSE Media is based in Los Angeles, California, our resume of clients is nationwide.

Founded in 2011, the goal of RSE Media has always been to provide independent artists the proper marketing to reach the masses with the power of major labels, but at an affordable price. In our threee years of operation, we’ve grown to not only service entertainers, but also growing businesses. Our clients list now includes hundreds of special clients and companies.


Through our social media and marketing outlets, RSE has developed an outreach to over 50 million people; promoting your brand, company, or product(s) through our markets everyday until the desired result is achieved. This means companies in all lines of work are able to promote themselves and see instant traffic. Own a fashion line, jewelry store, or any small business? We will find the correct audience to help you grow.


With our hands on experiences as artists and entrepreneurs working in this competitive industry, we’ve been able to distinguish ourselves from your ordinary marketing company. We know what it takes to develop a genuine following and achieve realistic, yet more than satisfying results. And with our experienced graphic design department, we offer all of our clients the highest quality graphics for their companies. RSE offers web & graphic design, along with full service mobile application development for all platforms.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work