Social Media Marketing: What it means and how we do it!

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24 Jun Social Media Marketing: What it means and how we do it!

When we were promoting our music with a major label back in 2010, we were paying various social media pages with loads of followers to promote the music. This was before Instagram had really jumped off and twitter was starting to become popular. I noticed with every tweet these videos would get around 3-5,000 views, loads of likes and comments.

All this from a simple tweet? Is there something bigger here? So 6 months later after I saved some money up, I decided to buy out a few of these pages. Some had 50,000 followers, others had 200,000 followers.

Today, the social accounts have on average 2-3 Million followers, many are now verified by Twitter and FaceBook. I have networked with other page owners, cross collaborated, and over the years expanded. RSE Media now has an outreach of 50 million people via Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, and Facebook. The RSE Media marketing team tweets and posts daily from multiple accounts. I handle creative content for our clients, and we build businesses and entertainers online presence from the ground up. All organic traffic, all real results. Our niche strategy is now in high demand.

Everyone needs social media, everybody needs followers. But how do you achieve this organically? Let our team create a campaign for your brand and soon enough the business will start come looking for you.

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